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Expatriate Management

The expatriation process involves many technical and professional aspects, but also contains personal, social and cultural items, that are often the trigger that make expatriates choose to return to his country ahead of schedule. 

The main protagonist of expatriation process is the expatriate.
It cannot be forgotten that, the families expatriate figures prominently in this process, it is a strategic piece in the expatriation.

We provide personal coaching which expatriates need to get the necessary tools for adaptation in their new life.

The main reasons of why employees fail to adjust and succeed in the expatriation are family reasons or because they are not personally equiped to deal with the situation and expectations. 

Corporate Solutions

We support corporate and multi-national organisations with their expatriate management with the following solutions:


  • Screening and Selection

  • Assessment and Recommendation on adjustment 

  • Expatriate adjustment coaching and counselling

  • Expatriate family adjustment coaching and counselling

  • Repatriation assistance and adjustment

  • Change management coaching

  • Accultuation training, coaching and facilitation

Personal Solutions

We also work with expatriates and expatriate families to assist with adjustment, change management and acculturation. Services include coaching and counselling support.  Contact our offices to discuss your unique needs.

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