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Growing our influence in Africa

We are committed to offering professional services to our clients, irrespective of location. This aligns to our passion to support our international clients and assist expatriates throughout.

We are excited about our recently associations with professionals in Lusaka, Zambia.


Marita van der Bank and Associates offer professional services internationally.  Our team of professionals are committed to supporting you every step of the way.


We also offer virtual coaching and counselling services to multi-nationals to overcome geographical challenges.


current projects

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Project 01



Expatriation Assignments



We're assisting with supporting a multi-national organisation with expatriate adjustment, selection, placement, and development within their various Africa Divisions, including Zambia, Mozambique, and Swaziland.​


This project includes frequent facilitation and coaching sessions with key executives/expatriates with ad hoc engagements with their spouses and family members as required.

Project 02



Professional Development



With the increased global competition, and the growing trend of needing more competent executives, who are able to effectivley work together in a team, we have been asked to optimise executives within a specific business unit structure.


This project started with an assessment centre to get a good understanding of the current competencies and preferences of the executive team.  Each executive received individual profile feedback and coaching and an individualised development plan.


On a team level, we're facilitating team development workshops. The core of this process is to align team members to the business strategy and facilitate cross-functional communication. 

Project 03



HR Business Partner Development


A multi-organisational with various business units identified the need for their HR personnel to fulfil a more strategic role to what they currently experience.


We where tasked to develop an organisational-specific skills-based course to develop their current HR personnel to step up to the challenge.


The process followed a series of training and workshops, along with individual coaching sessions to address development gaps identified in terms of knowledge, skills and behavioural attributes.

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