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"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"  George Bernard Shaw


In order to optimise and develop organisations, change is required on various levels. This mostly requires significant changes in the behaviours of employees - often, neglected due to difficulty in achieving this.  Our approach thus focuses on utilising a variety of tools and approaches in developing, coaching, and optimising talent to enable long-term organisational effectiveness.


Our diverse services include traditional and transformational processes, organisational development, team development, individual development, coaching, counselling, employee assistance, expatriation and international employee support programs, human resource consultation, training and development, workshop facilitation, and other psychological and professional services.


Our coaching is a niche field and saught after by multi-national corporations with geographically dispersed teams. 


Partnering to optimise performance




Coaching has proven to be the most cost-effective individual accelerated development programme with proven ROI. Various coaching alternatives are available

Specialised Psychological Services



We apply knowledge, theories and techniques of psychology to develop and implement interventions to enhance and/or promote individual, group or organisational well-being and optimal functioning. We identify, understand and promote various aspects of psychological well-being and resilience as well as identifying factors  that works against  well-being and resilience, to enhance the optimal functioning of individuals, groups, families and communities and to facilitate individual and group processes for effective organisational functioning. We do this in order to understand, modify and enhance individual, group and  organisational behaviour effectively.

Expatriate Management



We specialise in supporting organisations with end-to-end expatriation management.  This entails developing innovative and sustainable expatriation policies and practices, supporting expatriates throughout the expatriation and change process, this includes expatriate adjustment, spousal and family programs, acculturation, coaching, and virtual coaching support services.

Talent Development & Management



We offer end-to-end talent management and talent development solutions, and support organisations in formulating HR talent plans, workforce plans, through attraction, development, and ultimately aligning talent to strategic intent and culture.

Organisational Development



Our Organisational Development services aim to align talent to organisational strategic intent.  Services include conducting a thorough needs analysis and conceptualisation, followed by designing and implementing appropriate interventions, and measuring return on investment, behaviour change, and effectiveness. 

Accredited Training & Workshops



We offer a range of training and workshops, specifically designed and presented to address identified business needs.  The most popular courses include leadership training, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, team buildings as well as conflict management.

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