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Specialised Psychological Services

As psychologists who specialise in the psychology of work and human behaviour we are involved in the entrenched problems influencing people’s lives including aspects such as cultural influences, family responsibilities and traumatic events. 

Psychometric Assessment

We perform a range of psychological assessments including psychometric assessments and profiling for the full end-to-end employee lifecylce, including talent identification, recruitment, selection, development, performance management, succession planning, and utilising assessment data to predict turnover factors for organisational development purposes.


Psychometric and competency-based assessments facilidate predicting performance, development, person-job and person-organisation fit with more certainty.  It has been shown to be more valid and reliable when used with other interventions such as interviews to support decision-making.


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Counselling Services

Career counselling  and second order career paths: Career counselling involves clients who have uncertainty regarding their career, career paths and study choice. Issues relating to job dissatisfaction and job-person fit are also addressed - living a more authentic life, re-evaluate priorities and alignment with core values.

Relationship counselling: conflict management, conflict resolution and domestic trauma


Psychometric assessment feedback:  Psychometric assessment feedback can result in a counselling situation as deep-rooted discussions may originate from psychometric assessment.


Personal problems: such as burnout, work-life balance stress and financial stress. Coping and readjustment to a major life event/change/loss.  Anxiety, low energy levels, anger, rage, self esteem and boundaries.


Workplace counselling situations: conflict management, burnout, substance abuse

Trauma counselling situations: These situations include instances where crime and injury has taken place, and/or where employees experience emotional and psychological problems for which they require counselling.


Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) counselling: Participants are faced with various EAP counselling situations involving the counselling of people diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. Counselling is provided whenever there are reports of low productivity levels or of employees being absent from work. Employees are also referred to EAPs when their physical well-being is endangered or when they are faced with psychological issues.


Wellness programs: wellness of personnel and how to keep individuals proactively healthy in organisations.


Dr Marita van der Bank SE™ Practitioner – SE™ Assistant

Somatic Experiencing, Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Ego state therapy, Post Advance Somatic Experiencing SOMA

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